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Holly Y1 2016-17

BOOK AWARD ENTRY 1 – The Day the Crayon Quit

February 27th, 2017 · 4 Comments · Uncategorized

Reasons why we liked it…

Poppy – I liked the book because at the end all the colours are used.

Jakob – I liked it because one of the crayons was naked!

Jack – I liked it because GREEN crayon was proud of Duncan’s work.

Lucy – I liked it because the pink crayon got used at the end.


Reasons why some of us didn’t like it…

Emily – I didn’t like it because blue crayon was over used making him stubby.

Addison – I didn’t like it when the peach crayon was naked.

Edward – I didn’t like it because the blue crayon was broke at the top.

Jenson – I didn’t like it because the yellow and orange crayon weren’t playing nicely together.

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