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Holly Y1 2016-17

Measuring the Weather

March 7th, 2017 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

Yesterday we started to look at how we could measure the weather. We talked about all the different things we could measure outside.


We talked about measure hot and cold outside. Harry suggested we could use a thermometer to do this so when we went outside we use the new thermometer to measure the temperature. We measured it to be 10 degrees celsius.

Wind Direction

We also looked at how we could measure the wind if it was a windy day. We used material to hold up and see which way it was blowing. We discussed using a compass to show us what direction the wind was blowing. We talked about North, South, East and West. We used the compass on the iPad to helps us find out wind direction.


We looked at how we could measure the rainfall from the day. We discuss how today we
had seen no rain so we could say that there was NO rain today. We left some bottles outside to catch the rain if it fell over night and we will be back to check it tomorrow.

Weather Symbol

After measuring the different aspects of the weather we then chose a weather symbol to represent the weather today. This is the one we chose:

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  • Mrs Parry

    There is such a lot of different weather, I think this week we’ve had a mixture, sunshine, wind, rain and the temperature has been up and down.
    Maybe you could try a pine cone weather station to see if you can tell when it’s going to rain???

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