Holly Y1 2016-17

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Holly Y1 2016-17


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Today we continued to weave our beds for our next section of ‘The Princess and the Pea’. It all takes a lot of concentration.



Measuring the Weather

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Yesterday we started to look at how we could measure the weather. We talked about all the different things we could measure outside.


We talked about measure hot and cold outside. Harry suggested we could use a thermometer to do this so when we went outside we use the new thermometer to measure the temperature. We measured it to be 10 degrees celsius.

Wind Direction

We also looked at how we could measure the wind if it was a windy day. We used material to hold up and see which way it was blowing. We discussed using a compass to show us what direction the wind was blowing. We talked about North, South, East and West. We used the compass on the iPad to helps us find out wind direction.


We looked at how we could measure the rainfall from the day. We discuss how today we
had seen no rain so we could say that there was NO rain today. We left some bottles outside to catch the rain if it fell over night and we will be back to check it tomorrow.

Weather Symbol

After measuring the different aspects of the weather we then chose a weather symbol to represent the weather today. This is the one we chose:


The Whales’ Song

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We liked it because…

Harry – I liked it because the story came true!

Rio – I liked it because the whales sang at the end of the story.

Edward – I liked it when she threw a yellow flower into the water as a present for the whales.

Jakob – I liked it because the whales called her name.


Some of us didn’t like it because…

Archie – I didn’t like it because the Uncle stomped around and away

Courtney – I didn’t like it when Uncle shouted at Grandma.


BOOK AWARD – Six Dinner Sid

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We liked…

Edward – I liked it because he managed to get himself six DINNERS!!!

Boen – I liked it because he had six owners.

David T – I liked it because he had to chase a cat for one of his owners (see picture)

Lucy – I liked it because Sid worked for his owners to get his food.

Dane – I liked it because he got to live in six houses.


We didn’t like..

Poppy – I didn’t like it because he had a bad cough and had to visit the vet six times.

Billy – I didn’t like it because he was a greedy cat.

Archie – I didn’t;t like it because he was a very naughty cat.

Courtney – I didn’t like it because he must have felt sick with all the dinners.


World Book Day

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Farm to Fork

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This morning some of our class visited TESCO Worksop to take part in the Farm to Fork session about Healthy Eating.

We walked all the way from school which took us quite a long time as we only have little legs. Non of us moaned though and we were glad the sun was shining!


We looked at all the fruit and vegetables and hunted for different coloured fruit. We talked about the sugar content in certain foods and even got to try some foods that are low in sugar which are better than eating chocolate!


We then made a breakfast muesli to take home and eat.


BOOK AWARD ENTRY 1 – The Day the Crayon Quit

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Reasons why we liked it…

Poppy – I liked the book because at the end all the colours are used.

Jakob – I liked it because one of the crayons was naked!

Jack – I liked it because GREEN crayon was proud of Duncan’s work.

Lucy – I liked it because the pink crayon got used at the end.


Reasons why some of us didn’t like it…

Emily – I didn’t like it because blue crayon was over used making him stubby.

Addison – I didn’t like it when the peach crayon was naked.

Edward – I didn’t like it because the blue crayon was broke at the top.

Jenson – I didn’t like it because the yellow and orange crayon weren’t playing nicely together.


Material – Holly Class Investigate

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Waterproof or not? Hard or soft? Solid or bendy?