Holly Y1 2016-17

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Holly Y1 2016-17

Farm to Fork

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This morning some of our class visited TESCO Worksop to take part in the Farm to Fork session about Healthy Eating.

We walked all the way from school which took us quite a long time as we only have little legs. Non of us moaned though and we were glad the sun was shining!


We looked at all the fruit and vegetables and hunted for different coloured fruit. We talked about the sugar content in certain foods and even got to try some foods that are low in sugar which are better than eating chocolate!


We then made a breakfast muesli to take home and eat.


BOOK AWARD ENTRY 1 – The Day the Crayon Quit

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Reasons why we liked it…

Poppy – I liked the book because at the end all the colours are used.

Jakob – I liked it because one of the crayons was naked!

Jack – I liked it because GREEN crayon was proud of Duncan’s work.

Lucy – I liked it because the pink crayon got used at the end.


Reasons why some of us didn’t like it…

Emily – I didn’t like it because blue crayon was over used making him stubby.

Addison – I didn’t like it when the peach crayon was naked.

Edward – I didn’t like it because the blue crayon was broke at the top.

Jenson – I didn’t like it because the yellow and orange crayon weren’t playing nicely together.


Material – Holly Class Investigate

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Waterproof or not? Hard or soft? Solid or bendy?



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Karol – I liked the sweet pepper and soft cheese – the pepper was sweet!

Lucy – I liked the sausage because it was spicy –

Poppy – I liked the chorizo because it tasted really spicy in my mouth.

Jakob – I didn’t like the pepper because it was a little hot!

Addison – I liked the green olives because they were juicy!

Ellie – I liked the green olives more than the black olives, they had a very strong taste!

Archie – I didn’t like the chorizo because it was spicy.



Why not use a Spanish word to describe how you felt about the food.

delicioso(delicious)     fantastico (fantastic)    exelente(excellent)


The Fire Burnt Quickly Through the Houses…

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Pudding Lane is on fire! 🔥🔥

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Today was a very exciting day. A visit from Green Watch this morning and then we started a fire on Pudding Lane this afternoon.

Watch below as the story unfolds…

Burning Pudding Lane from St. Augustine’s School on Vimeo.


🚒 Green Watch Visit Y1 🚒

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This morning Green Watch came to visit Y1. They talked to us about The Great Fire of London and showed us some pictures. We then helped them to identify some hazards. We know how to protect ourselves from fire.

We then carried out an activity showing how the people of London in 1666 put out the fire.

Watch us below..

Green Watch Visit Y1 from St. Augustine’s School on Vimeo.



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Today is SAFER INTERNET DAY 2017. Today is all about thinking about how to stay SAFE online. We think about taking care of ourself in real life but sometimes we can forget how we need to stay SAFE online. Today we watched a video about Lee and Kim and how they needed a little help to stay SAFE in the online world.

Can you remember some important things we have to remember HOLLY class? 

Have a little look at the video we watched. Do you protect yourself online?

CEOP KS1 Film 'Lee & Kim' Cartoon Suitable 5 yrs — 7 yrs from St. Augustine's School on Vimeo.


The Great Fire of London – GAME

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House Building 🏠🔨🚜

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Early this week we research and talked about what the houses looked like during the time when the Great Fire of London occurred.

We then had a go at designing our own house from the time. Today we began to build them with a partner. We started by painting our boxes.


Then we added windows and doors.

Then we added the structural detail to give the wooden effect on the from of the houses.


Next week will add the roof ready for our own recreation of the Great Fire of London.